Affordable Marketing Automation Tools For Your Business


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On February 2, 2021
Affordable Marketing Automation Tools for Your Business

Automation is the best method to overcome time constraints, and it is a boon for marketers. Small businesses are finding tools that automate various components. Small companies use multiple approaches to automate the hectic process in marketing, thereby benefiting the entrepreneurs.


Marketo is an effective automation platform that includes digital ads, marketing analytics, thereby enabling business owners to maximize engagement. Marketo supports small businesses by enhancing their relationship with customers and closer engagement. The cloud-based infrastructure in the tool manages millions of activities daily. The tool offers a customized solution for finance, healthcare, media, and education services. Also, the engagement hub collects data so businesses can have a personalized interaction with their customers. Marketo shares instantaneous insights and potential customer profiles.


In general, the platform is used for sophisticated targeting and messaging; still, it benefits the marketers by providing auto responder according to the time sequence. The visual editor provided by Autopilot is easy to learn and more fun to use. It is an automation platform for messaging and email marketing, and it is also a visually attractive marketing solution.


Active campaign is aligned with Saas platform focussing on supporting marketers by sending few emails and gathering astounding results. The tool offers a multi-channel view gathering insights from small businesses. Also, the campaign builder supports entrepreneurs in designing marketing collaterals. ActiveCampaign consolidates data from the customers, thereby offering a positive impact on SMS, email, and CRM.

Marketing automation stays consistent with brand messaging, which is complicated with human effort. Automation is the best way to skyrocket small businesses, thereby saving their time and budget.


It is reported that Infusionsoft has saved nearly twenty-eight hours of user’s effort in a month. Lead capture and follow-ups are automated by the tool. Infusionsoft supports small businesses by providing marketing technology along with a group of consultants and industrial leaders. Infusionsoft provides a personalized approach by studying customer activity and collecting data. The platform offers mobile, CRM, and eCommerce solutions with broader integrations.


It is a cloud automation solution that benefits enterprise clients that are endowed with technical resources. The platform has a lot of features to automate communication to the available contacts. Pardot boosts lead nurturing, email marketing, and lead scoring. The user can track all interactions on the website and develop predictive lead scoring based on the fixed parameters. All the parameters help in enhancing the marketing efficiency and save time and effort for the marketing team.


Delivra strives to improve customer engagement by supporting SMS and email campaigns. It is observed that open rates of email are ninety-five percent higher than that of usual available rates. It also assists A/B testing and also provides appropriate alerts when the purchase needs to be done.

The platform enables entrepreneurs to understand the success of their efforts. It also provides weekly reports and personalized engagement scoring. Drag and drop features in Delivra can assist in delivering artistic touch to the design. Delivra coordinates with multiple systems to support small businesses to identify shoppers and engage with them again.


This platform uses logical website tracking and various parameters that enable the marketer to send the appropriate email campaign to the contacts interested in a particular service or product. Customer data are accessible, thereby allowing the marketer to recommend campaigns. The user activity and campaign progress are provided as a detailed report so that the brands can make wise decisions.


Hubspot focuses much on inbound marketing and provides CRM that supports businesses in organizing and tracking the customers. The platform effectively tracks interactions and aligns data on a single dashboard to see the entire progress. Hubspot offers landing pages, lead management, ads, email, and coordination with the sales force. Hubspot’s CRM automates mundane tasks that are hectic to the sales team.

The CRM effectively tracks customer interaction points across various channels and sets a timeline for all calls, meetings, and emails involving exclusive customers. Hubspot creates customized paths to buy and align data emphasizing the contribution of every marketing campaign towards sales.


It focuses on supporting entrepreneurs by enabling companies to get complete ideas of customer progress. ONTRAPORT understands the challenges faced by small businesses in understanding their marketing efforts. The platform is developed to help small businesses to see the way the customers respond to messages. The insights from emails, SMS, and landing pages help in creating effective campaigns.

Most of the brands aim at scaling the business as they extend so that they can witness actual growth without the help of other tools. Also, the marketing analytics tool in ONTRAPORT showcases the historical efforts of business owners and how their future actions will work out. The Campaign builder in ONTRAPORT supports entrepreneurs to set goals, and with its automation, small businesses are enabled with customization features.