How Brands Can Earn People’s Trust On Social Platforms


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On March 24, 2021
How Brands Can Earn People's Trust On Social Platforms

The growth of a company mainly depends on its social sales. Social platforms have become the major revenue source for B2C brands. Hence, brands have to develop well-structured strategies to sustain their business and improve their profit. The essential factor to do business on social applications is to earn people’s trust. Unless you master the art of making people believe in your brand, you cannot upscale your business. Here we bring out some of the result-assuring tactics that will help you craft the dynamic strategy to uplift your social sales.

User-Generated Content

This form of content will have an immediate effect as it will quickly turn the prospects into customers. This tactic is prevalent even from the days of traditional marketing. To be more precise, the digital marketing form of word-to-mouth marketing is known as user-generated content. Let me show how user-generated content will work. Let us assume that you have a restaurant.

You use to have long term customers for your restaurant. So, just engage in a chat and convince them to post a review about your restaurant and your dishes on their Instagram handle. Ask them to maintain a genuine tone and should not sound like a promotion post. Once the post is done, you can share that with your restaurant’s Instagram handle. A genuine review from the customer side can drive many new people to your restaurant. People may bookmark the post for future reference when they decide to head to your restaurant. Thus, the success of user-generated content depends on the genuineness of the review posted by the customer. So, ensure whether the user-generated content for your brand holds this factor. It is pertinent to mention that the stories section is having a good engagement rate rather than standard posts across all the social applications. So, post those reviews to the stories section so that it could reach many people. You can also gain assistance from the services like FamousPanel, which will help you generate enormous leads and to earn trust for your brand.

Initiate Conversation

Rather than placing billboards, rather than coming up with catchy slogans and coming up with intriguing social media posts, interacting with people has become more vital in etching a brand in people’s memory. Brands believe that developing a conversation with the audience has a multitude of benefits. The primary benefit is that they could have a better understanding of the people. Today, in this fast-paced world, people get to know something new every day, mainly through the internet or any other sources which are changing their interests and thought process consistently. So, before framing a strategy, reach out at least the least possible of your target audience and develop a meaningful conversation with them. On the other hand, people also feel valued and share their thoughts.

Ensure the conversation is framed in such a manner that it will bring people closer to your brand. All the major social applications have features dedicated to messaging. So, you can approach your prospects personally through messages and start an interaction with them. ‘Live’ is also a notable feature that will work best for conversations. You can interact with thousands of people in real-time through Live. If any of your products are in the infant stage of their ideation, you can go live and discuss them with your audience about it. This will help you to ensure whether the product is worth trying. This interaction measure will prevent you from incurring a loss as you are discussing the product with the end customers. Such frequent interactions will tighten the bond, making the customer stay with you for the longer term.

Respond Instantly

Today social platforms are used for multiple purposes. People are posing questions about products and sharing feedback on social applications. For instance, check any of the official social media pages of famous B2C brands. For sure, you will find queries and feedback from people. So, be active on your social handle. Respond and sort the customer queries immediately. This will help you to sustain your customers and also in earning new ones.

People shifting to other brands due to poor customer relationship is also one of the significant factors for B2C brands losing their customer base. So, be active on the social applications and reply to your customer queries instantly without making any delay. You can employ chatbots that can answer basic customer queries in real-time.

Final Thoughts

Brands are focused on experimenting and implementing new tactics to build their brand image through social applications. The tactics presented above will help you earn the trust of your target audience on social platforms.