Factors Behind The Consistent Growth In The Userbase Of Instagram


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On June 10, 2021
Factors Behind The Consistent Growth In The Userbase Of Instagram

Instagram stands atop as the leading social application in terms of the user base and B2C marketing. The application is having a continuous rise in its user base for quite a long period of time. This has made this social application at the top of the list of marketers. The social media landscape that is prevalent today is quite different from that of the times when Instagram was introduced. Here we are going to look into the various factors that contributed to the holistic growth of Instagram.

The Transformation Undergone By Instagram

Instagram is a social application that underwent a massive transformation with time. Social media marketers have noted that the characteristics of this platform to alter it according to the changes in the social media landscape has made it to withstand as the superior social application. Instagram is the ideal example for the necessity behind staying updated and equipping oneself consistently.

The Journey From Being A Image-Centric Social Application

When you look at the timeline of Instagram you could understand the transformation it has undergone. This social application kick-started its journey as an image-centric social application. Users on this platform stay connected by means of pictures. People shared images from their memorable life events on this social application. This is the way Instagram was perceived during its initial times. In a nutshell, Instagram was only an image-sharing social application. Today, in 2021, check Instagram for a few moments and you could find the dramatic change it has undergone. It has almost become a video-centric social application. You can find IGTV, stories sections, and reels. Thus Instagram has switched from being an image-centric social application to a video-centric social application. Through this, it is evident that the platform brought changes to it according to the prevailing trends which helped it to not become obsolete and retain in the game. Services like FamousPanel have been helping brands for framing relevant strategies on Instagram.

Fuelling The Growth Through Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is the short-duration video content that will last for a particular period of time. The stories section comes under the category of ephemeral content. Instagram stories last for the time span of 15-seconds and will be available for view only for 24 hours. Today, almost every major social application has stories section. However, when Instagram rolled-out the stories section few options were added that made it stand out from the others. It added polls, quizzes, and Q&A features that made the stories feature much more engaging. The stories section had a good engagement rate when compared to that of other social applications. This could be attributed to the unique features that are added to it. Marketers also felt benefitted by this feature as it helped them to develop an interaction with their target audience.

The Proliferate Growth Of Influencers

When Instagram grew into a video-centric social application it paved for the rise of influencers. Instagram has an impressive number of influencers across various niches. Hence, businesses of any vertices can find an influencer in their niche in this social application. When it comes to influencer marketing brands will look to collaborate with the influencers in their niche. As Instagram has a vibrant range of influencers, picking one in their niche has become easier for businesses. For instance, the fashion industry is one of the thriving industries on Instagram. Apparel brands are pumping-in huge money into influencer marketing on Instagram as the platform has a handful of influencers. Even famous brands like Nike also promote their new collections through fashion influencers on Instagram. This shows the importance gained by the influencers on this platform and the crucial role they play in taking a product to the people.

Owing to the consistent rise in the influencers on this social application, Instagram itself launched its influencer dashboard that provides holistic data about the influencers present on this social application. The dashboard has eased the decision-making process in choosing the influencer. It provides various details such as the engagement of the posts of an influencer, his/her follower demographics, etc. These aspects will help a marketer in finding the perfect influencer and decreases the time and effort that goes into researching. Thus, Instagram takes measures for the benefit of the marketers. These factors have made marketers prioritize Instagram over other social applications when it comes to social media marketing.

The Arrival Of Instagram Reels

Recently, Instagram has introduced reels allocating space for it. Ever since Instagram reels was rolled-out its consumption rate has increased at a fast pace. Especially reels was a huge hit among Generation Z. They started to move into reels as soon as they opened Instagram. Thus, this age group has become intact with the reels. Subsequently, many B2C brands turned their attention towards reels and began to do their promotion on them. Thus, through reels, Instagram captivated the teens and made them glued to it. Instagram reels is one of the major reasons behind the increase in the user base of this social application at present. Moreover, creating an engaging Instagram reel is also quite easier as the creator will get access to the Instagram music library and Instagram effects gallery. People can find an endless collection of effects and music from these two sources which have facilitated the process of creating scintillating reels.

People are also experimenting with these effects and music tracks. Teens nowadays mostly show interest in watching shorter-duration videos. They show very little interest in longer-duration videos. Thus, Instagram has taken this aspect into concern and has come up with Instagram reels which is a minimal-duration social application. As anticipated, reels have become a huge hit among teens which contributes to the rise in the user base of this social application. Influencers have also begun to do reels frequently as people have started to consume this largely. Thus, this feature will play a huge role in the coming few years in the upliftment in the user base of this social application.

Another notable aspect that leads to the growth in the user base of this social application is its interface. Instagram stands as the accumulation of various forms of content. However, they are neatly segmented and provide an enchanting user-experience. Thus, the intriguing user interface has also played its role in giving a better experience to the users. People can switch between features within seconds and the application has an intriguing color combination. Thus, this social application has many factors that fuelled-up its user base.

The Explore Tab

The Explore tab of Instagram is filled with posts with which you have interacted before. The tab has been curated in such a manner that the posts in them are based on your interactions. For instance, if you are a foodaholic and have liked many food-related posts in the past, the explore tab will have food-related posts from the pages with which you haven’t interacted before. Thus, the explore tab is the section that is filled with posts that match your interest. Moreover, this tab is a combination of content from reels, IGTV, and standard posts. You can find endless content from the explore tab and keep on watching the content in it.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is the social platform that stands tall and poses challenges to other platforms even after all these years. The intrinsic characteristics of this social application to change it in accordance with the environment will make it sustain as the top social application.