How To Utilize Social Media Influencers For Brand Promotions


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On January 13, 2021
How To Utilize Social Media Influencers For Brand Promotions

Social platforms are playing a massive role in determining the sales of B2C brands. Many marketers have noted that social sales are about to become more crucial in the coming years. This is attributed to the constantly growing user base of social applications. Millions of people are surfing social applications every day, which has made this platform essential for B2C commerce. Thus, your customers are part of these million people. Your social media marketing’s success relies on spotting your prospects, convincing them, and driving them to buy your products. Though various strategies are prevalent to achieve this, influencer marketing is the most efficient one among them. According to business insider, brands are anticipated to spend nearly $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Here we bring out the tactics that work best to succeed in influencer marketing.

Pick The One Resonating With You

There are many influencers spread across the primary social application; you can find their email through an email finder tool or you can contact them directly via their social media accounts. Just picking an influencer alone will not help you to triumph in influencer marketing. You must choose the right one who could easily fit-in with you. Since you are about to do promotional videos using the influencer, he must accept your ideas. The most crucial factor is that the influencer should easily gel-up with your promotional videos. Hence, it will be a wiser move if you collaborate with the influencers in your niche. For example, if you are looking to promote your restaurant, join hands with the food bloggers that are spread across Instagram. In such a way, your restaurant will become familiar with food lovers, and you can earn more new customers. Thus, taking advantage of this tactic will facilitate the process of reaching your target audience.

Instagram is a social application that has become an indispensable medium for social media marketing. The platform comprises a wide array of features, which has facilitated marketers’ task to convince people to take action. Since Instagram caters to both the marketers and regular users’ interest, it has been undergoing a steady surge in its user base. Thus, this social application’s capability to balance both parties is the primary factor behind the consistent growth of this social application. Today, Instagram has a fascinating user base of 1 billion monthly active users. Therefore, marketers should focus on Instagram, which is the ideal move to increase their social sales. Here, I will look light into some of the features of Instagram that will work best for the marketers.

Collaborate In Long-Term

Stay with an influencer for at least three years. Changing influencers frequently will not avail benefits to you. So, while choosing an influencer, ensure whether he will fit for long-term collaboration. If he earned a good reputation among his followers, he could turn into your brand’s face, which is a sign of ideal brand promotion. Do the necessary research in choosing your influencer who will play a massive role in building your brand image on social platforms.

The Micro-Influencers

As there is a consistent growth in the demand for influencers, they are making a hefty charge. If you are not able to afford them, you can go with the micro-influencers. These influencers have followers between 1000-100,000. Using micro-influencers will also offer profitable growth to you. Promoting your brand through more than two micro-influencers at a time will also maximize your brand reach. So, have an eye on these influencers as they could also uplift your social sales to a considerable extent. Even the top brands like Adidas and Levis are using micro-influencers to elevate their brand reach on social platforms. Hence, taking advantage of this tactic is an efficient move.

The Instagram Influencer Dashboard

Today Instagram has become the pivotal medium for B2C marketing. Nearly 65% of fashion brands are active on Instagram. This is because Instagram has more potential audience for B2C brands over other social applications. So, for the benefit of these brands, for choosing the right influencer, Instagram has launched the Instagram influencer dashboard. This dashboard is the one-stop destination that provides holistic information about the influencers. You can retrieve data such as the influencer’s followers, his retention rate, reach of his posts, etc. This will ease the process of picking the appropriate influencer. If you choose Instagram for brand promotions, you should use this dashboard to select your influencer. 

Wrapping Up

As long as social platforms thrive as a powerful marketing medium, influencer marketing will sustain its importance. Make a note of the above tactics and use them in your influencer marketing strategy, helping you uplift your social sales.