How Will AI Empower Your Social Media Strategy


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On January 12, 2021
How Will AI Empower Your Social Media Strategy

The ability of computers to replicate human behavior with a set of algorithms and protocols is termed Artificial Intelligence. It harnesses machine learning to understand everything about the process.

Assists In Content Creation

Though producing original content takes considerable time, content is the core part of marketing. Artificial Intelligence assists in the content creation process by picking up on spelling and grammar mistakes. It also provides significant suggestions for directing messages towards the target audience. With the help of text generation software, marketers use AI tools to produce names. The names include campaigns, products, and brands, and often, Artificial Intelligence returns a bulk of usable ideas. Besides content creation, Artificial Intelligence helps content creators to deploy and optimize content to achieve massive results. The machine learning software helps maintain balanced content by analyzing the volume of images, texts, and videos and provides appropriate feedback.

Performs Competitive Analysis

Marketers must monitor the activities of the top competitors in their niche. Besides watching the competitor’s social media activities, it is essential to analyze their data to understand their promotional offers, content, and similar factors that gain them desired results.

AI-powered platforms and tools help marketers track the competitors’ social media activities and quickly gather data. AI empowers marketers to make wise decisions by analyzing competitor’s performance in social media campaigns. AI allows marketers to choose the right strategy suitable for their niche to enhance sales and engagement. Marketers can also explore influencers who support competitors in boosting their reach and engagement.

Interactive Chatbots

Chatbots are already used by marketers to automate their communications with the customers. There are nearly around 300,000 bots used in the Facebook messenger platform. There are endless possibilities to engage and interact with customers with such a large user base on Facebook.

Chatbots are completely customizable and can perform numerous functions. Chatbots can begin conversations with valuable customers when they interact with specific social posts. Utilizing the power of AI and Machine learning, bots can answer queries related to the user’s products and services. Bots can also direct the customers from the social media page to the product on the marketer’s website. Chatbots also benefit from re-targeting customer personas, enhancing user experience, and thereby expanding the conversions.

Identifies Relevant Influencers

Marketers need to measure return on investment (ROI) after running their campaigns and insight into effective budget spending. It is time-consuming for the marketer to filter out influencer profiles based on the engagement, niche, and other factors. AI embedded tools help in simplifying the task. Social Animal is an example of an influencer marketing platform. It connects with the renowned influencers in a short period.

Personalization And Social Listing

Presently marketers focus more on personalization. Companies implement traditional modes of segmenting customers by age, location, income, and other factors. But AI paves the way for effective personalization at a larger scale. AI analyzes the customer’s real-time behavior across other digital and social media platforms. This can also predict the future behavior of the customer by understanding their expectations.

Image recognition is the key feature offered by AI in personalization. AI gathers minute details such as the user’s unique style and favorite spot. AI-based tools automatically track hashtags, brand mentions, and keywords across multiple sources providing perfection into the performance of the brand on social media sites. Social monitoring tools in AI leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to track the brand sentiments in real-time and guide marketers to provide apologies on time.

With the rapidly changing technological world, people will continue to work with Artificial Intelligence. The top social media branding agencies have successfully implemented AI strategies. It helps clients and marketers to be more productive by implementing timely strategies.