Noteworthy Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On April 12, 2021
Noteworthy Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media campaigns are customized support in enhancing the user’s awareness, interest, and allegiance to a business or brand with social media channels. Implementing planned tactics towards a particular crowd helps to gather significant results in social media channels. FamousPanel boosts social media strategy that works for every brand and provides assured success.

#HOLLYWOODselfie- Dog Selfie Campaign

Pedigree Australia took the initiative in enhancing pet’s dental health. The company launched a campaign named Dog Selfie along with the app called DentaStix. The campaign focused on improving dogs’ health and hygiene. Also, the campaign accomplished a bonding between owners and the dogs through a selfie clicking activity.

The Dog Selfie App encourages the clicking of pets that are notorious when it comes to taking pictures. Hence the app featured an attention-grabbing tap sound that holds the dogs’ attention while taking a selfie. The brand included an engaging social hub on the website exhibiting all the uploaded selfies with the #HOLLYWODselfie. The campaign drove incredibly high user engagement.

#2019Wrapped- Spotify

Spotify shared year-end data to the users collectively, offering their most listened to albums, songs, and artists. The campaign turned out to be an irresistible nostalgia that entertainingly combined personalized data for a sharable campaign. And most of the feed was dominated by #SpotifyWarapped posts at the year-end. Spotify created customized summaries for artists that allowed them to view the number of fans they gathered, entire hours of streaming time, and countries in which their music was streamed.

By including some thoughtful updates, great campaigns can be recycled year after year. Spotify provides new insights and data for 2019. The campaign was a huge success because, generally, the users love to see personalized data. By sharing insightful data visualizations, Spotify essentially developed an award-winning campaign.


Worldwide breast cancer initiated an innovative approach through their #KnowYourLemons campaign. The campaign focused on creating awareness among women towards breast cancer, its symptoms, and signs. By smartly using a designed image with lemons to explain various breast cancer symptoms, the firm educated women on the twelve unique signs of breast cancer.

The social media campaign motivated women to observe lesser visible warning signs and get guidance from doctors to check the persisting physical signs. Barely with three Facebook posts, the campaign developed an incredible visual approach with lemons to obtain a balanced, serious, and playful perception. The campaign also came up with an awareness concept, offering people their experiences and thoughts.


Airbnb publically recognized the racial discrimination that was widespread over its platform and took the necessary actions to weed it out. It hosted a full-fledged campaign #WeAccept to eliminate the prevalence of discriminatory practices in a short period. The campaign captivated an in-depth response from the audience. The campaign focused on developing an atmosphere without discrimination based on religion, race, nationality, gender, ethnicity, disability, or age.

The tremendous campaign transcended its community promise to a worldwide campaign, triggered conversation around the critical issue of acceptance, and encouraged inspiring actions. Airbnb consistently voiced out for quality hospitality, and also, the brand has enhanced its excellence through the social game.


Starbucks collaborated with mermaids, an organization to help gender-diverse youth and transgender through the #WhatsYourName campaign. By combining social media engagement and TV advertising, the campaign concentrated on starbucks desire to honor people of all genders for their chosen names. It was a heart-warming campaign that encouraged social media users to include the #WhatsYourName hashtag.

Many brands want to drift away from politicized topics, but customers strive to make the world better. They want companies to focus on issues of community and diversity. Though the campaign used a traditional mode of advertising, it created a buzz on social media. They developed a simple campaign hashtag that aligned with their values and made an emotional impact.


Apple’s social media campaign #ShotOniPhone focused on enhancing user-engagement and encouraged its customers to support in marketing the brand. Users can include hashtags in the caption of their posts to get involved in the user-generated content campaign. The brand used the campaign to announce the improvements over the camera features and work on each new feature by allowing them to explore through photos captured on their iPhone.

Apple has successfully gathered vast user-generated content by hosting user-generated content campaigns by empowering its very own customers. The creative and original content by brand customers has skillfully promoted Apple. Apple’s marketing campaign involved fewer marketing efforts and gained maximum social recognition through hashtag campaigns like #ShotOniPhone6, #ShotOniPhone7, and similar kinds.