The Scintillating Features Of Instagram That Will Benefit The Marketers


Written by FamousPanelBCT

On January 5, 2021
The Scintillating Features Of Instagram That Will Benefit The Marketers

Instagram is a social application that has become an indispensable medium for social media marketing. The platform comprises a wide array of features, which has facilitated marketers’ task to convince people to take action. Since Instagram caters to both the marketers and regular users’ interest, it has been undergoing a steady surge in its user base. Thus, this social application’s capability to balance both parties is the primary factor behind the consistent growth of this social application. Today, Instagram has a fascinating user base of 1 billion monthly active users. Therefore, marketers should focus on Instagram, which is the ideal move to increase their social sales. Here, I will look light into some of the features of Instagram that will work best for the marketers.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are considered to be a powerful marketing tool. This tool can be utilized as a medium to stay connected with people. Surveys have noted that Instagram stories are having a consistent engagement rate when compared to the standard post. Hence, being a marketer, you should focus on utilizing Instagram to the utmost possible ways. Instagram stories have a multitude of benefits rather than other Instagram features. You can launch polls and quizzes, which are ideal measures to kickstart a conversation with your audience. Notably, you will also get access to stickers and filters as these features will amplify your Instagram story.

Stories can also be used for user-generated content. Considering the engagement rate of this feature, you can upload positive feedback on the Stories section. Thus, the post will reach a larger part of your target audience.

Take Advantage OF IGTV

While it’s significant to plan why you’re using online media advertising, you also should explain who you’re attempting to influence. This will support to realize which social networks will be highly active for your audiences.

For instance, 72% of youths are on Instagram, although most of the Twitter audiences are 18-29. Liable who your desired demographic is, a brand might adopt to arrange a final social network than others. Outline your viewers’ demographic and travel with essential details like current age, location, interests, gender, hobbies they wish, what’s their hang out spot, How much they like other products– these are lists that capture their minds and business.

Determining such features will guarantee you use the leading social forums for promotions and supply your content to reach their purposes!

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels can be used as a medium to drive Generation Z effortlessly. This age group has a greater interest in the short duration content. They are not intended for long-duration videos. Thus, Instagram reels work as a useful tool to grab their attention. Reels are also short-duration videos with a fixed duration of 15 seconds. Therefore, if your focus is on Generation Z, you must be actively using this feature. You should also know the knack of conveying a story within this duration intriguingly. If you could do so, you could easily elevate your reach on Instagram. Though it’s less than a year since Instagram reels were introduced, its consumption rate has been witnessing a vast surge. People are used to the habit of switching to reels immediately after they open Instagram. So, you must craft strategies around Instagram reels, which in turn brings a massive return to you. Notable, molding an intriguing Instagram reel is not a more challenging task than you think. You are provided with all the sources necessary for crafting exciting reels. You will be given access to the Instagram music library and Instagram effects gallery. All you have to focus on is finding a theme that could easily connect with your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has become the focal point of marketers, owing to the steady rise in its user base. The features of Instagram that are given above will help improve your social sales and assure sustainable growth. Hence, establish your presence on Instagram and enhance your social sales.